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When working in a team, magic happens.

2 December, 2019

We leave you a video summary of the session that took place a few weeks ago at the Redbility Innovation Center.

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Teamwork above the individual work?

It was the question that aroused our curiosity and for which we carried out a dynamic where the entire Redbility team joined together with the rest of the PS21 Group team, with the aim of demonstrating the value of teamwork above the individual.

What is this exercise about?

It is a group dynamic, used at Harvard, which is based on decision making in order to survive an extreme situation in the Arctic. The exercise is divided into two parts, one individual and one in groups. In the first place, the situation is presented to all the participants so that they, individually, make the decisions that they believe that are more suitable in order to survive in the case proposed. Subsequently, we formed 10 teams with people of different profiles (designers, financial, business …), to try to solve the exercise again but in groups. Important! Decisions must be made unanimously.

The situation of subarctic survival, raised in the dynamics, allows the participants of each team to work together, taking advantage of their experiences and knowledge in order to find the best answers and achieve the objective: to survive.

Survive. Identifying this as the main objective, although it seems quite evident, is the first challenge that teams have to face. After great ramblings, fortunately they manage to identify it.

A team of supervisors walks through the room listening and evaluating the decision making, attitudes and skills of the teams in order to give an external score of how the dynamics in each team have evolved and were developed.

Once both parties are finished, individual and group results are scored separately. The results showed, in a very evident way, that in all the teams the value of the group exceeded the individual value.

There are always exceptions and in this dynamic it wasn’t going to be different. There was one case were a team member obtained an individual score higher than his group score, but this happened because he was convinced by the majority of his team members. In this case, the affected person lost effectiveness since the rest of his team had convinced him to use different priorities in the survival exercise. How can it be that a person being very good individually got worst results when working as a team? It may be due to lack of leadership, expressing their ideas, conformism … It is not always enough to be the best or have more experience in a subject, but it is also important to enforce yourself and be able to share that knowledge within your team to achieve better results.

In Redbility we believe in the team above all. We do not believe in gurus or egos, because achieving success with excellent projects can only be done with multidisciplinary teams that enrich the work. The participation of each individual will always add and enrich the project, you only need to participate, share and enforce yourself among your colleagues to develop incredible products.

Teamwork not only gives better results, but it enhances personal relationships.

Teamwork is magical, adopt it.

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