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We partner with EDIT. to revolutionize UX training

17 April, 2017

A partnership between a school in the Digital Sector and an agency, isn’t anything ground breaking. However, if the objective is to do things differently, then maybe it is.

You’ve already heard of us. Our agency specialises in user experience and has many years’ experience designing with people at the heart of what we do. In other words, we are conscious that the most important person is the end-user, and that a good user experience builds brand loyalty and that, in the end, mistakes lead to success.

EDIT. is a school that has only just arrived in Madrid, but has more than 6 years’ experience training digital professionals in Portugal. In addition, being awarded the best digital school in the country, confirmed them as a leading and innovative learning destination for the sector.

While we found each other relatively recently, we quickly discovered significant synergies in our approach, both in training and user experience. Both companies taking a participative, dynamic and above all, market-focused approach, allowed us to reach a shared understanding and study new ways of growing together at an industry level.

We are proud to have formed a strong bond in Madrid, and expect our collaboration to extend to Lisbon, Oporto, Barcelona, Berlin and London. These 6 innovation centres are those which we will work together in the next 5 years, via EDIT.’s International Expansion Plan.

As well as growing together and supporting a new model of company validation and teaching, we share the belief that the digital sector should take a hands-on role in training new talent. Companies, agencies and start-ups, in their own way, should participate in educating for the roles they need, influencing the specialisation, content and methodology that students are taught. We both consider that these measures will not only to benefit students, but also the sector as a whole.

Redbility and EDIT. management team

Taking the lead, EDIT. is going to launch a Masters in User Experience and User Interface for Digital Media, designed in close collaboration with Redbility. The Masters will start in September, integrating the EDIT. philosophy with our experience. The main idea is to remove barriers between training and the world of work. The focus will be on creating relevant content for users, allowing immediate access and usability, thereby marrying “know-how”, tools and techniques, with strategic and multidisciplinary approach to create interactive digital experiences.

The objective of the Masters will be to address and resolve current, real-life challenges in a realistic way, working on various projects simultaneously, in different teams, while also developing investigation and innovation skills. In addition, students will work in all areas involved in developing a real-life project: information architecture, interaction design, visual design, front and back-end programming, project management, research reports, people, customer journeys, wireframes etc.

Students will have the chance to visit our offices, thus giving them direct contact with the Redbility team.

Mario Sanchez, Creativity and User Experience Director will teach the UX Foundations module. An intensive two-day workshop which will teach you how to implement UX in product and service development, thus promoting teamwork.

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