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Going beyond “the house of my dreams”: the importance of management

19 September, 2022

Let’s imagine that we are facing the project of building a house. There are many architects who could carry it out and also with an excellent result: “the house of my dreams”. However, not all of them will do it on time or within the stipulated budget.

Good project management is not only about achieving the objective, but also depends on other factors. From the organization and planning of the development of a project to the relationship with the client, which is essential to achieve future proposals. But how do we achieve this?

When we face a project we must be very aware of its feasibility: its costs, scope and the resources we will need to carry out. Adapting to this scenario is essential to be able to plan tasks, team times, meetings with clients and delivery dates. In short, to know the needs and times of the business and develop it, always providing an added value.

“When we face a project we must be very aware of its feasibility”

In addition, we must always keep in mind the objectives and goals to be achieved. It is very important to define the scope, so that the team is aware of the limitations, as well as the resources and means available to achieve them. One of the most common mistakes is the lack of definition and information about the scope of the project by the internal team with the client, which results in a greater dedication of time (not contemplated) to the planning, generating problems to the rest of involved/participants and to the planning of the project itself.

By this I do not mean that “The client is always right” or “You have to say yes to everything”.

Good project management should be based on the best customer relationship and experience. We are not only talking about emphasizing good treatment or being cordial, it goes far beyond that. From the day we meet until the moment the final project is delivered, the client must be with us throughout the process, maintaining a constant and fluid communication, in addition to a transparent planning, in order for all of us to be properly aligned.

I focus on this premise: “the client comes first”. I always try to maintain a good relationship and experience, which also allows me to work together with all the agents involved in the project. 

I focus on this premise: “the client comes first”

A well-managed work will always bring better results and will allow us to develop ideas that better fit the needs of our clients, always providing an extra value. We don’t just paint screens or design what we are asked for, we always go beyond

It’s time to get creative and come up with new ideas! We will be valued more for all the things we can contribute than if we just do what they ask us to do.

In short, good management is about communicating, listening, managing, planning and surprising our clients constantly, throughout the development process and phases of their project. We can achieve incredible results (“the house of my dreams”), but without good management all the work behind it will be forgotten. So remember, we do not only stand out for our final work, but for the whole process followed to reach that result. Don’t put the cart before the horse!

UX Consultant

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