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Teamwork: design and development go hand in hand

22 November, 2022

In previous posts we talked about the importance of managing a project correctly, being the management and planning the tools to achieve “the house of my dreams”, with that extra added value and customer experience, always relying on the internal team in a transparent and honest  way.

However, every project is different. Sometimes, we will be faced with jobs where the cooperation with the client and his team is more or less close. Many times our client has several areas, where each one participates in something specific. Within the business profiles we can find developers, technology or marketing, where each one carries out a different function. Therefore, our responsibility and task will be to manage them in order to provide them with all the necessary inputs to not delay their work.

We must be aware that there are methodologies or projects in which designers and developers must work in unison, especially when dealing with sprints. The best tip to manage this? Calculate times and deadlines with all participants, because in this way you will be more efficient and able to deliver designs to development in a timely manner.

And let’s not forget validation! In situations where you are working with many teams, we must ratify our solution with the indicated profiles before sending it to development.

“Calculate times and deadlines with all participants”

How do we communicate? We must choose a single channel, where we can present doubts, attach deliverables or make comments so that no information is lost, especially when we are dealing with very large projects. We must also keep in mind that each project profile will have an opinion and frequently we will hear several versions of the same story, but we must always give priority to the one that comes from the person in charge of making the final decision.

Added value, planning and leadership. These are the three fundamental pillars of any correct project management, always based on and focused on the customer experience and the internal team. 

Always keep in mind that a project, whatever it is, consists of multiple dimensions and disciplines, which intervene directly or indirectly, driving from the beginning to identify the correct and optimal way to organize each of the tasks and their level of importance. Planning helps us to establish priorities, thus achieving greater control of time, budget and resources to execute the project with the desired quality and success, thus ensuring excellence in the experience with the client and the team, as the fundamental goal.

Go beyond “the house of my dreams”! 

Become the guardian angel that solves and helps with all the client’s problems. 

UX Consultant

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