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Research & UX Definition

  • A recruitment website from engagement, a product with a young, innovative and fresh look to adapt to the target.

  • Banco Santander relies on Redbility to conceptualize a website aimed at capturing very specific leads through a digital experience that will add value to the target users of its product.

analysis, strategy and conceptualization

  • We delve into the knowledge of target users and identify the best opportunities.

  • In a project in which putting ourselves in the shoes of users and identifying the best way to convince them to convert in a sector so alien to them was a challenge. Therefore, through design thinking techniques and ideation sessions with the client, we reached many conclusions and answers that enriched the strategy that would mark the definition of the product.

  • The product was conceptualized in detail, defining all the flows, structures, components and interactions that would be referenced in a functional documentation that would serve as a construction guide for the entire team involved in the project.

A user-focused design

  • A platform of events and content of interest to young people was created as the main point of recruitment.

    Both the design as the content strategy and the tone of the communication had to be correctly focused on connecting with the young audience. Building trust and linking with the target to convince them and capture the lead or end up in the conversion.

  • Key to the strategy was the definition of microconversions that would gradually approach and qualify the lead, such as participation in contests, downloading the app, subscribing to a newsletter or offering content that could be shared in social media.

  • When defining the site, the visual aspect had a special importance since one of the greatest challenges was to generate a product with a disruptive design that was up to date with the most innovative trends in digital and that generated engagement with heavy internet users: the young people..

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