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  • Joint work with the Roca team to understand the global brand ecosystem and redefine the new architecture of its channels.

    At the beginning of this project Roca was in a changing moment. Being a multinational, Roca faces the generation of multiple materials on a daily basis. For this reason it was looking for a homogenization and coherence between materials, as well as a strong and recognizable identity.

  • It was not only necessary to restyle the brand but also to give coherence to all Roca’s channels: Roca Life, Roca Pro and Roca Contract, through a meticulous Brand Strategy process.

    To know the brand architecture and its application in the different channels, we carried out a research process using the most appropriate techniques to obtain insights that would be reflected in the new restyling of the brand.

  • A global investigation of the channels and targets Roca Life, Roca Pro and Roca Contract made it possible to establish a consistent relationship between them and the globality of the brand.

  • The initial phase of the project was to carry out a extensive visual audit of the materials generated by the brand in recent years by the different Roca departments. In this phase we analyze all of the channels of the brand that were directed to different targets. Roca Life was a channel to communicate directly with the end customer, in which inspiration and ideas were provided for the decoration of the bathroom space; Roca Pro was the channel for installation professionals with content on the assembly of Roca products and Roca Contract, housed sales for the architect profile and solutions for public spaces.

  • During the analysis, we found that there was great diversity in the application of the global brand and great discrepancies when representing the brand’s channels. As there were no implementing regulations and a defined channel architecture, the perception of the brand was independent of the globality according to the country.

  • There were numerous identity elements that lacked personality and were scattered, that is why we advised Roca that it should have its own identity elements, such as typography. As a result, it commissioned its own corporate typeface that we later standardized for its proper use.

  • We analyze the materials generated in recent years and seek a standard to normalize and raise brand perception.


  • We held several workshop sessions with the Roca team to extract first-hand information and we interviewed staff from the different targets to define what position the channels occupied with respect to the global Roca brand.

    Our main objective was to generate a coherent brand architecture and a standard that could apply in a transversal way to all materials that could be communicated to all countries in order to raise brand perception and homogenize communication.

  • After research, we created a look & feel to be implemented globally without exceptions.


  • Once the research phase was completed, it was time to conceptualize a new global look & feel that would reflect the insights and conclusions previously obtained.

    We made several graphic proposals with different strategies and finally it was decided to create a monolithic brand application. Roca had to be the mother brand under which the Roca Life, Roca Pro and Roca Contract channels would settle. These always represented with endorsements to the Roca brand framed in a black rectangle, whose inhouse name is “El Clip” by Roca. A visual element that generates brand impact and is easily extrapolated to multiple plataforms. In order to ensure the correct implementation of the brand at a global level, we developed manuals in several languages where the digital strategy of the ecommerce of the house was collected, which we work in parallel, and the standard of application in the different mediums: billboards, catalogs, brochures, posters, etc.

“Thanks to the investigation of the touchpoints of the brand with its audience and to the relationship of trust that we maintain with Roca, we obtained the necessary insights to test different strategies.”

Mario Sánchez

Partner at Redbility.
Managing & Product Design Director

A relation based on trust

  • 2010
    • Web Armani

    • web Roca Gallery

    • web Roca Gallery Lisboa

  • 2012
    • Estrategia y comunicación para Roca Gallery

  • 2013
    • App Catálogo

    • App expositor

  • 2014
    • APP Catálogo y BBDD globales

    • Web Roca Gallery

  • 2016
    • Web Roca Gallery

  • 2018
    • E-commerce 3.0

    • Ecosistema global de marca corporativa

      Análisis e investigación

    • Diseño de producto eShower

  • 2019
    • Guías de estilo ON y OFF

    • App Roca Protect

  • 2020
    • Pictografía Cabinet Public

  • We become the trusted agency to ensure the correct application of the brand in Off and On media.

    The work carried out with the national and international management team laid the foundations for them to directly carry out an essential work of support and push in their departments to ensure that the new Roca style was implemented globally in an homogeneous and orderly way.

    This work and the definition of the web 3.0 project that Redbility was developing in parallel at Roca gave us great knowledge of the Roca ecosystem and made us, thanks to the trust that the management placed in us, become their head agency to ensure the correct application of the brand in offline and online media worldwide.


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Rebranding & ecommerce


The challenge was to align the needs of the different departments and achieve a unique identity that reflected and enhanced the values of the brand.

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