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Nestlé. Say it with chocolate


Research, design and strategy

  • Only you know their weakness for white, black or praline chocolate. Choose their favorite chocolate bonbons and show how close you are.

    Decorate your personalized box and combine the 9 varieties of chocolate bonbons or be inspired by our assorted trays: Delirium in black, White gold, Symphony of flavors … They will know that your gift comes from the heart.

  • A new century has just begun and Nestlé is preparing to face the challenges of the future. Since the birth of the company, all kinds of obstacles have been overcome, which Nestlé has managed to face thanks to a rare structural flexibility in a business society of its dimensions and, above all, based on a solid and rigorous business ethic that places consumers welfare as the axis of all its activity. This has led him to a continuous search for maximum excellence and quality in his products, which has manifested itself in a determined and continuous commitment to innovation.


  • One hundred years after the launch of its first factory in the country, Nestlé has become a leading company in the national market, legitimately proud of a job well done and with a deep sense of responsibility for to the future. That is why, in its first centenary, Nestlé Spain faces the new century fully assuming a series of responsibilities.


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