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  • New positioning and conversion boost.

    Until very recently, Finetwork was a digital mobile operator whose target was the Z generation. It all revolved around advertising campaigns that portrayed themes such as veganism, polyamory or the absence of prejudice.

  • But one year of experience and 600,000 customers later, Finetwork has decided to broaden its target audience by offering its services to other generations such as millennials, thus expanding its market.

    However, repositioning is not only a change in the tone of the communication, the brand or the target audience- you have to adapt each product of your digital experience. And that’s where we come in.


We work on improving all their digital assets with their product, analytics, business, marketing and technology teams.

  • Finetwork and Redbility, the perfect strategic combo.

    One of the cornerstones on which Finetwork’s new strategy is based is its ecosystem of digital products, and for this reason, Finetwork relies on Redbility, as a digital strategic consultant, to work on the entire conversion funnel, transforming digital assets such as the public website, the private area and the app, among others.

“It has been a pleasure to work together with Redbility. It has become an extension of Finetwork’s product team, acquiring all the knowledge of the business, proposing solutions to the problems we have been finding. The result has been fantastic, managing to create a totally revamped and scalable product, reflecting the new brand identity and values as well as improving business metrics.”

Kike Escalante
Head of Design. Finetwork
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  • Digging into the user’s needs and business objectives.

    Delving into the customer journey of a person who contracts a telephony service is vital to improve their experience in each channel. Understanding the times, messages, channels, information required, what generates rejection, what the user demands… All of this is essential to know every point of contact with the user and design a good strategy for conversion and retention.

  • We run workshops with all the stakeholders to analyse all the times in which there is contact with the user, in addition to an active listening in social networks where we detect the criteria in the customer’s decision making and their pain points. We address their new services and study the user by defining blueprints, customer journeys and the main archetypes of the market.

Before building the product, we work on understanding the research, reaching conclusions and thinking about how they can be. translated into a tangible way within the company's digital assets.

 “The CEO gave us a challenge: to design the best telco website in Spain. We translated it into the language of business: to design the most CONVERTING website in Spain in the telecommunications sector. So that has been our goal during the product definition and the results speak for themselves.”

Mario Sánchez

Partner at Redbility.
Managing & Product Design Director

  • We started with a timeless, clean, modular website, suitable for the new target.

    An ambitious project with a very high corporate component, where values such as trust, empathy and clarity in the message are fundamental, without leaving aside the important commercial weight, because, among other things, improving the user’s registration funnel during check-out was a priority.

  • We created a timeless, clean, modular website, suitable for the new target and that works as a framework to serve the product and the new promotions and services that may appear in the future.

    We always have to take into account the idiosyncrasy of the company we work with. In this case, Finetwork is in a growth phase so that every so often, it launches new services or promotions and so that the project is not outdated before its launch, we are clear that our product should be a framework, a clean and modular structure in which all the casuistry of the business has been studied to meet their current and future needs.

  • Winning without losing is the main challenge in any repositioning strategy.

    We ensure that we do not lose loyal customers by attracting new ones, working a strategy based on values such as trust, empathy and clarity in the message.

    For the Finetwork customer we prioritize accessibility to the Private Area and the Help Center where we can answer their questions and needs, and also encourage them to download the App that will arrive soon, where they’ll be able to manage their tariffs, share and accumulate GB, extend their tariffs or contract additional lines among other functionalities.

  • For the potential customer, we work with two ways of navigating the web. On the one hand, Generation Z feels the need to socialize, to the extent that 57% use social platforms to search for products before buying them. Furthermore, this generation is the one that spends the least online. For all this, we include communication elements, promotions and social networks.

    On the other hand, for the Millennial and X Generation, who are distrustful and less technological, we incorporate more elements of help, direction and trust, including recommendations for each type of tariff according to their use and technical details about them.

The most valued point by users when choosing one telephony or another: customer service, customizable tariffs, clarity in invoices, transparency in conditions and offers for the most loyal customers.

  • Just a few weeks after the launch, the tariff detail pages were ahead of Movistar’s in terms of organic positioning. In addition, there has been an exponential and sustained increase in the number of daily orders and the bounce rate has decreased.

    This project has been the result of a great teamwork between Finetwork and Redbility that has benefited the project, as it has been done in record time with great results.

    We are still working on other projects that we will be telling you about because as Finetwork’s Marketing Manager says… “We are still working on so much more!”


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