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  • Roca, a world reference in terms of bathroom spaces.

    This family business with 100 years of history, 24.000 employees and presence in 170 markets has manage to adapt to the market throughout its trajectory by encouraging technological innovation, expanding its market and staying very close to its most loyal customers. We are not centenarians but we can presume of having accompanied Roca for almost a decade.

    Within that evolution, Roca is constantly committed to technology and innovation. Features that are reflected both in the materials they work with as in their products and business strategies.

  • One of the pillars on which Roca’s new digital strategy is based is on its website. A project with a very high corporate component, where the values of the brand are transmitted with power and elegance, but also with an important commercial weight.

    This makes Roca’s website the largest e-commerce we have developed; a multi-currency, multi-market, multi-language, 100% manageable, 100% scalable, and with more than 20000 references, store.

    A challenge of more than a year and a half of development with internal Marketing and technology work teams, SEO teams (Multiplo) and technological teams (Vass). All of them in perfect harmony to develop a project of which only talent or work is not enough.

    The results were immediate, during the first months the main ecommerce KPIs increased. The data is confidential but we can tell you that the purchase conversion, the gross income, the professional registration, etc. increased considerably. But, others that we can tell you about, is the increase in organic traffic by more than 10% and visits to the store search engine by 37%.

The design of a quality product is aligned in an exceptional way with the design of the web page itself, seeking the harmony in the sensations and maintaining the balance between experience and functionality.

An experience that supports more than 10 years of relationship

  • 2010
    • Web Armani

    • web Roca Gallery

    • web Roca Gallery Lisboa

  • 2012
    • Estrategia y comunicación para Roca Gallery

  • 2013
    • App Catálogo

    • App expositor

  • 2014
    • APP Catálogo y BBDD globales

    • Web Roca Gallery

  • 2016
    • Web Roca Gallery

  • 2018
    • E-commerce 3.0

    • Ecosistema global de marca corporativa

      Análisis e investigación

    • Diseño de producto eShower

  • 2019
    • Guías de estilo ON y OFF

    • App Roca Protect

  • 2020
    • Pictografía Cabinet Public

  • A product focused on meeting the needs of all types of customers of the brand.

    Architectures, installers, final customers… a place where everybody finds what they are looking for.

  • For the final client two pillars were worked on:

    • Commercial orientation: where the ease of finding, informing and buying a product is prioritized. In this line, we conceptualized a smart search engine predictive of content and products. We also work on an extensive logic of didactic and visual filters that allow you to easily explore the product listings. And of course, special emphasis is placed on all promotional cases contextualized at various key points for the user.
    • Inspiration: One of Roca’s goals is this past few years is to position itself as source of inspiration for the most general public. This new website seeks to strengthen this part by immersing it and relating it to the different content and product pages.
  • Professional clientes have different need and we also work to meet them and give each one their place.

    • Installers: We look for a website that, in addition to the aforementioned, also becomes a working tool for these users. Easy access to all the technical information of products, manuals, and tutorials of all kinds is prioritized.
    • Architects: Similarly, architects can find useful information about resources, relevant projects, brand designers, and many of other content that also support the brand’s most aspirational goal.
  • A multidisciplinary team with a common goal: to achieve an excellent product.

    A result like the one we are dealing with today, so related to the user, and at the same time so consistent with the business strategy, is only achieved with a united team in each of the phases of the projects, from research and conceptualization, through definition until its development and integration. An orchestra must be perfectly tuned and synchronized.

  • It’s essential to star working with the information in your hands.

    When the conceptualization phase began, the goal was to have as many stakeholders as possible, obtain all their knowledge and making them participate on the solution from the beginning. We schedule multiple sessions with profiles of all departments to start establishing the strategic foundations. In this first sessions we began to see the scale and demand of what would be a key project for the company at all levels.

  • We got down to work to define the product. That’s when the technology team acquired a crucial role in organizing and prioritizing development sprints. The endless sessions with development to align the product to the chosen technological base were intense but necessary.

    We always document our products from the business and development point of view and we can say that on this occasion, given the dimension and the multitude cases and development elements, this phase has become on one of the referents of how to document a product within Redbility, almost 1000 pages of documentation attest it.

  • The “multi-device” concepto takes on a high role on the Roca’s website.

    That a web project is multi-device is taken for granted. But in Redbility and especially in this project, this concepto goes further. We adapt the experience to the device and the user in their different contexts of use in an almost masterful way.


  • A digital product relates directly to a technology and we cannot forget it.

    In opus more than 15 years of experience, we have worked with more than 25 different technologies, and in each of them we contemplate its peculiarities, advantages and restrictions. For Roca’s new websites we decided to work with Liferay for all the content management and with Magneto for everything that includes the purchase process.

Roca collection respond to the need to group products with similar design criteria with a clear business focus.

And does all this adapt to more than 170 countries?

And does all this adapt to more than 170 countries?

Roca adapts its web strategy in each of the countries in which it has a presence, when we talk about adaptation, we talk about navigation, featured content, message and even commercial strategy.

The project from its beginnings was raised looking for scalability both in navigation, as in categorization and product number, as well as a versatile content management, which allowed adapting the strategy to each situation in an organized and coherent way. More than 60 modules and templates are proof of this.  Whole new leap for Roca in flexibility. This work allows their marketing team to draw and polish the strategy for each market through a product construction strategy designed from content management.

Every time we enter we do it with a smile. Because it perfectly reflects the effort and love of long months of work and because we know that it reinforces the business of one of our most relevant and long-lived clients.



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