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Strategy & Research

Audit and web improvement plan

  • Bankinter needs to find out the effectiveness of its new website and of certain critical processes for the conversion of its digital assets. To do this it contacts Redbility, a reference in the research sector.

  • Redbility has 15 years of experience being a pioneer in Spain for applying in the digital media, the most avant-garde research methodologies. It has highly experienced and specialized professionals and the appropiate facilities to carry out the most efficient testing and neuromarketing techniques to obtain accurate and quantifiable data.

  • We focus on the analysis of user behavior
    of the Bankinter website and its processes.

    To reach the goal of analyzing and learning about the behavior of Bankinter users, a research process is defined and applied to analyze the digital asset, identify usability and conversion errors, and propose improvements iteratively.

  • Some of the objectives pursued in the research in each of the aspects analized:

    • Assess the effectiveness and efficiency of the website.
    • Assess customer satisfaction when interacting with the web.
    • Identification and interpretation of errors or weak points found in the processes and defined tasks related to the success of the new site.
    • Identify opportunities for improvement based on the results of the different analyzes carried out and providing possible solutions.

For several years, investigations were carried out in different processes and key points of Bankinter’s digital ecosystem.

  • Analysis of the New website

    Bankinter launched a new website and it was time to measure the effectiveness of the proposed design. Does it meet their objectives? Does increase convertion? Is it easy to use? We focus the analysis on the following aspects:

  • Online registration process

    A key process for recruiting users. Is it intuitive? Are complex micro-interactions working?

  • Investment Fund Hiring Process

    One of the critical processes due to its complexity and impact on the bank’s business, which is also a novelty in its digital processes. Does it work correctly?

Research techniques used in the project

  • Eye Tracker Test

    We perform the test to obtain qualitative information of the consumers behavior when interacting with the product.

  • Test goals:

    • Analysis of cognitive effort. Measurement of the reading time of each participant of a list of parameterized texts.
    • Measurement of effectiveness and efficiency indicators. Comparison of the data relative to the cognitive effort used in reading the texts with the parameterized times to determine the degree of legibility of the texts.
    • Measurement of AED (Electrodermal Activation of the Skin).
    • Analysis of the display patterns of the elements that integrate the interface. What elements are seen, the display order …
    • Analysis of Manifested Thought. While the participant is interacting he must comment aloud the thoughts that arise as a result of his interaction with the system.
  • Post-test questionnaire

    To complete the exercise with Eye Tracker, it is essential to ask the user about their experience, how they have felt and what obstacles they have encountered.

  • Questionnaire goals:

    Analyze the frustrations, difficulties and obstacles in carrying out the tasks related to the processes under investigation.

    • Measure the level of satisfaction in their experience with the product.
    • Analyze the emotions they have felt when interacting with the interface.
  • Prägnanz law

    This technique allows knowing the degree to which an experience remains in the memory of users.

  • Test goals:

    • The test is enriched with questions to the user about what it is and their opinion about its representation.
    • Analyze the interface elements of each of the processes related to the tasks performed by the user that remain in their memory after a few minutes after their execution.

Analysis, results and opportunities for improvement

  • Based on the conclusions and analysis carried out a series of opportunities for improvement and repairs to the identified problems were defined, which ended up being materialized in an internal action plan in which the prioritization and implementation planning of the improvements were detailed according to their severity.

  • These opportunities eventually turned into improvements:

    • Improvement in the conversion of assets on the Bankinter site of up to 5%.
    • Increase in New Online Registration processes and 3% in the Hiring of Investment Funds process, also improving the engagement and satisfaction index of the website by 9%.
  • 5 %

    Conversion improvement

  • 3 %

    Register increase

  • 9 %

    Increase of engagement

Commitment, attitude and integration with the Bankinter team were key to achieving the best results.

During the months of working with the Bankinter team the results of the different investigation processes were very positive, but beyond the results in which the detected opportunities converged, the Bankinter team highlighted the unbeatable experience of working with Redbility and its commitment and dedication to the project by making the project objectives their own, working as a single team to achieve success.

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