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  • ACCIONA makes a strategic change in the company with which it reinforces its position as a company that invests in the planet and that solves real problems in society. That is why they are counting on us once again to help them reflect this positioning in all the group’s digital assets, designing a global web strategy that allows them to convey these values to their users in an efficient and coherent way.

  • ACCIONA’s social commitment is built on these values, since its mission is to do business in a sustainable way, contributing positively to society and the planet through its main areas of action: Energy, Transport and Water, as well as other solutions that complete its value proposition, such as Social and Cities solutions, Real Estate or financial solutions.

    We are proud to work hand in hand with the ACCIONA team on such a strategic project for a company that looks after social and environmental interests.

“Redbility has become for us a fundamental partner that has been accompanying us since 2013.”

Rafael Rodríguez Gallardo
ACCIONA Digital Marketing Director
  • The relationship between ACCIONA and Redbility was born in 2013 precisely by carrying out this same project. All these years working together have created a harmony between teams that goes beyond product development.

  • During these years we have developed more than 20 projects together. Projects such as the web and app design of the company’s electric mobility service; Experience, a different way of discovering the company’s projects and how they contribute on improving the planet; the group’s real estate portal or People, a social content website created to support the positioning of the brand.

  • 2013
    • Estrategia digital ecosistema Acciona

    • Guía de estilo global

  • 2014
    • Web de Windpower

    • Web de Green Energy

  • 2015
    • Site País

    • Web de inmobiliaria

    • Web de energía

    • Web de agua

  • 2016
    • Web de construcción

    • Proyecto de innovación: l'imnovation

  • 2017
    • Web de servicios

    • Web de inmobiliaria

    • Solar e. digital

  • 2018
    • Nuevo concepto para inmobiliaria

    • Web de contenidos experience

    • Microsite Reposicionamiento de compañía o business as usual

  • 2019
    • Fundación Acciona

    • App y web servicio de movilidad eléctrica

  • 2020
    • Web contenidos People

    • Nuevo ecosistema digital de Acciona

  • Associating the ACCIONA brand with a company that designs a better planet, solves problems and invests in the planet, is the main objective.

    Due to our long-standing relationship with ACCIONA, we have a very clear vision of the brand.. From the beginning their marketing team has made us part of that revolution that they have called Business as Unusual, and we have felt part of it.

  • “Unusual” because few companies bet so much for the commitment to sustainable development and this must reach the final public.

    To do this, we developed an emblematic and benchmark strategy for all the sectors in which ACCIONA offers its services, creating a scalable product that provides a solution to the needs of the digital presence of each of its assets. A system that allows the product of today to be built, but that can also grow alongside the brand in the coming years.

“The Redbility team works in a way as an extension of our own team, bringing their know-how and expertise in user experience and design. They are great to work with.”

Silvia Jana Fernández-Renau Atienza
ACCIONA Digital Marketing Manager

With the new business approach, we put a face to the users and analyzed how we were going to communicate with them.

  • ACCIONA is a B2B company that communicates as a B2C, with the aim of involving its stakeholders in its contribution to the fight against climate change.

  • ACCIONA has so far partnered with B2B, since it has been offering its services to companies or public organizations. Now the approach is different, an approach towards the final public, where they no longer talk about lines of business but about solutions, adding value to society. Therefore, in this project even more so, it is essential to understand how the company is structured after this new approach and where it is heading in terms of business and sustainability to start development.

    Once the business focus is clear, and who are the “new customers”, we have to be able to put a face to the users we have to address and know how we are going to communicate with them.

  • The know-how acquired from large clients and the bond of trust with ACCIONA after all these years are guarantees of a good result

    In addition to the insights extracted from the analysis of the main digital KPIs and an exhaustive benchmarking of the competition, we take advantage of our knowledge of the deficiencies detected in recent years after the implementation of the previous strategy. What problems were there with content management? What limitations have you encountered with the availability of resources? Any problem with the documentation? How to anticipate technological limitations?

    Knowing ourselves and how we work has helped us to anticipate, to modulate our way of working and adapt to the specific needs of the project and of the different teams involved in development and management.

  • Technology is key in such a strategic project, so working in coordination is a sine qua non condition.

    We work on a modular design system based on components and patterns, thus optimizing maintenance costs and acelerating the management, development and evolution of the product

    In this project we merge React and Umbraco. React from the front development at Redbility, and Umbraco with Viseo as experts in this technology.

Project KPIs

  • 26%

    Increase in organic traffic

  • 56%

    Increase in direct traffic

  • 25%

    Bounce rate decrease

We are laying the foundations for the brand's digital presence in the coming years.

  • This project is an opportunity to trace a path of evolution of the brand defining a series of strategic points.

    • We set a multifunctional navigation strategy valid for the different types of products.
    • Not only at a structural level, the project covers the international needs of brand communication.
    • We develop the tools so that the marketing team can be independent and build their own promotional products.
    • We also create the way that the brand is visualized in the web context, with a trend look and scalable according to their needs.

We rethink the information architecture to effectively communicate to its users the new business structure based on solutions (Energy, Transport, Water, Social, Cities, Real Estate and Financial).

  • We provide the core of the product with its own entity that allows to find all the information in a fast and accessible way.

    In the new approach to the brand, ACCIONA’s business lines become solutions and are integrated within the same umbrella, so the concept of solution is key in the project. In addition, the amount of information available on each of them must be accessible and easily consumed by the user, so a strategy based on “minisites” with navigation and its own identity within the same project is proposed.

    We also work together with the client on solutions to bring them closer to the public in a didactic and illustrative way.

  • ACCIONA counts on us project after project, year after year. And how could it be otherwise, on this occasion it also makes us participants in the great change in which the multinational is immersed.

    After several months since its launch, we can say that the goal has been more than met. A 26% increase in organic traffic, 56% in direct traffic and a 25% improvement in bounce among other KPIs, prove it.

    It is very easy to work with ACCIONA. Communication between teams is fluid and transparent, planning is meticulous and committed, and in front of the waves, we all paddle in the same direction.


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