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Redbility Innovation Center. The result of 14 years commited to innovation

13 February, 2019
  • Redbility Innovation Center
    We renew our commitment to innovation

Redbility was born back in 2004, within full technological boom. In this business context, Redbility decided to give its discourse a truly innovative and disruptive element: the user experience through the introduction of new methods of research and analysis of user behavior.

Nowadays, after a decade of monopoly of the technological discourse and of having met us many times paddling alone against all odds, we find through work with our clients that there is a growing awareness in the digital industry of the need to invest and put Focus on new user-centered strategies. Undoubtedly, we can feel part of this change of paradigm.

Moreover, in order to be able to accompany a large part of the IBEX 35 companies in their digital journey, Redbility has developed over the last 14 years a unique work methodology based on digital business consulting, innovation and research. This way of approaching the projects has been contrasted with the market and hundreds of times implemented in more than 1,000 solvent projects with the more than 200 clients that have trusted in Redbility. Clients of disparate industries but with symptoms and common needs such as SANITAS, Orange, Telefonica, Mapfre, Iberdrola, Acciona, Ferrovial, Repsol, CEPSA or BBVA as well as corporations such as NH Hotel Group during the first years of their journey towards digital transformation or ROCA with which, after many years of collaboration, we are currently developing the digital interface that governs one of its star physical products. And so many others. Throughout our history we have been (and are) fellow travelers of many giants, both national and international, in their race towards digitalization.

As a result of all the above and thanks to the vision of its partners, Redbility renews its commitment to innovation by creating the Redbility Innovation Center. With this new space, it will continue to champion and be a beacon in the path of professionals and corporations in its digital transformation and in the search for new business horizons through innovation, a true business transformer and the decisive engine of change

“The user experience is a living factor that mutates, evolves and adapts with technology and innovation, which is why research and method are fundamental for the user to continue championing change and not lose the leading role deserves, this new space is the result of that evolution”


A space for digital research and transformation

The new space of the Redbility Innovation Center will give us the possibility to apply as an Observatory of the steps of the industry in terms of innovation and digital transformation and therefore, bring research, research and its methodologies to our clients as well as to the different professionals from the digital (and non-digital) world who want to share with our experts time and work sessions, be they live projects, reporting or training / study sessions.

Within the center a new space has been designed for our renewed Research Laboratory where the years of scientific, statistical and field work as well as the infinite testing sessions find here the ideal place to continue contributing to one of the differentiating specialties of the agency: the investigation.

“We are only giving shape to an approach that is part of our DNA as a consultant: if the only constant is change and the user is one of the fundamental pillars, innovation has to be the thread of your new business strategy”

Mario Sánchez

Partner at Redbility.
Managing & Product Design Director

“Innovation-friendly” space

In the new current business context, the proliferation of new relationship systems based on trust and collaboration allow companies to bet on involving their customers (stakeholders in general) in the innovation and improvement processes.

Opening a collaboration and feedback front with the different stakeholders of a company allows us to work together in fields such as the design of new products and services, develop new brand experiences adapted to new customer needs, fine-tune communication and marketing strategies or even carry out projects of social impact for the community.

At the same time, promoting the creative thinking of the different players around a business initiative gives rise to the generation of innovative ideas aligned with the real needs and requirements of the final customers. On the side of companies, the benefit is immediate with the achievement of good practices, profitable strategies and better numbers and the user’s side, the benefit is undoubtedly customer satisfaction, confidence in the brand and its ability to positive prescription .

But all of the above is highly unlikely to happen if the proper climate is not worked on or the creative momentum of the participants is not encouraged. This is where Redbility incorporates into the equation not only a versatile space created specifically for this type of work dynamics, but also brings its expertise and unique work method to channel knowledge, mediate between the parties, guarantee the good direction of the dynamic and give body, business sense and focus to new initiatives that may arise.

In short, the Redbility Innovation Center also opens its doors with the aim and desire to become a benchmark for the sector in terms of co-creation dynamics among clients, companies and professionals of any productive sector.

A space for Training and Mentoring

The training has been and is one of the pillars in the growth strategy of Redbility, in its more than 14 years of activity in the Digital Industry. From the collaboration with training schools and Universities through the participation of a large part of the Redbility professionals in events and activities linked to training, Redbility’s commitment to education and Mentoring is a fact.

Within the new Redbility Innovation Center, we upped the ante by enabling a multifunctional space for holding events, training, lectures …, where we have the best audiovisual equipment, conference rooms, spaces for group dynamics, research laboratory and testing, all with the aim of giving training sessions a marked innovative character where students and future professionals feel the closeness and maximum complicity with teachers, tutors and speakers.

A place of inspiration and encounter

At present, the range and variety of events is infinite. From large international events to closed breakfasts with clients, the objective is (almost) always the same: to join supply with demand to ensure a future collaboration or exchange agreement.

Without losing sight of the business orientation, in our case, we intend to open a new path, not because it is revolutionary or disruptive, but rather, because it perfectly responds to the essence of the new Redbility Innovation Center: to build a meeting place for the Community at the that Redbility belongs

The objective is not only to share knowledge, trends and know first-hand the avant-garde in the different disciplines involved in the digital business, but also to offer the ideal place with the best climate for meeting and understanding between people.

Welcome to the Redbility Innovation Center

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