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Management and planning: better safe than sorry

13 October, 2022

As we have seen, project management is more difficult than it seems (you have to go beyond “the house of my dreams”). Not only does the project have to be completed, but it has to be on time and on budget, while meeting the client’s expectations. The perfect balance  between planning and management is the secret ingredient behind every successful project.

Leadership is the key to the correct functioning and development of a project, whatever its scope, subject or area of action. However, finding people with this ability is not an easy task. It requires profiles with high communication skills, adaptability, critical thinking, conflict resolution, organization and empathy, among others.

Leadership is the key to the correct functioning and development of a project, whatever its scope, subject or area of action.”

After all, the project manager is the visible face. He or she will be in constant communication with the client, reporting on the progress, delivery dates, feedback, convening meetings, resolving doubts and tackling any problems that may arise. As far as the team is concerned, it is essential that he/she is in charge of planning the execution and delivery times of the different profiles in order to stipulate the delivery dates to the client.

As for planning “better safe than sorry”. It is very important to take into account unforeseen events, waiting for feedback or vacations in order to have and play with that margin of error that could cause a delay in delivery.

“As for planning better safe than sorry”

Why do I say it’s important, and how do I get ahead of it? The answer is simple: the team. Any milestone that misses the deadline will create problems, not only in the customer experience but also in the organization of the internal team.

Regardless of whether the project manager is in charge of planning and time estimation, the team must be able to calculate their deadlines and be aware of how long each task may take, as well as know how to prioritize them, in case new ones arise during the process. There are moments in the development of a project when the workload is higher, causing that not all tasks are executed and consequently we deal with the dreaded “project delay”. To avoid this, in these cases it is essential to highlight the figure of the team.

I have a motto that I always transmit to my team: raise your hand and ask! There is nothing wrong with asking for help, the team is always there to lend one, two or five helping hands if needed.

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