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Honest Strategy Business Transformation Workshop




For second time, Honest Strategy uses our space to give a workshop on Transformation of Business Culture. The facilitators are Mamen Perera and Héctor Robles. Mamen is a former CEO of Axel Springer Spain and a Business and Transformation Consultant. Héctor is the Founder of Honest Strategy and Founder and CEO of DOMO, as well as an Expert in Innovation, Strategy and Cultural Transformation of Companies.

This event is exclusive for entrepreneurs and managers, who will have the unique opportunity to have valuable information based on real experiences on business transformation. You’ll learn from the success and failure cases of these two experts with unique transformation experiences.

Honest Strategy is a community of people and companies that have the purpose of transforming the business world. And of course, Redbility adds to it.

The workshop, or MISA Session as they call it, will take place on Thursday, June 27 from 9:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. at the Redbility Innovation Center. It is aimed at business people, entrepreneurs, CEOs and managers who want to transform the business world.

  • Trainers

    We are lucky to have two experts in the organizational culture in this workshop.

    Both unite the world of theory and experience in the transformation of organizations. And we are honored to have them giving the 2nd edition of this unique workshop that will help you answer the main questions regarding the transformation of your company, in a simple way, removing the straw, going to the essence of what you need to know and sharing their own experiences.

  • Mamen Perera.
    ExCEOAxel Springer España

  • Héctor Robles.

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