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Faster, faster

28 September, 2022

“To stay where you are, you have to run as fast as you can. If you want to go somewhere else, you must run at least twice as fast” said the Red Queen to the exhausted Alice, who, after running on a treadmill, complains that she has not made any progress” Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, Lewis Carroll.

This funny scene is a good analogy for the disruptive, exponential and accelerated growth environment in which we live today, where running is no longer enough, you have to go faster. Speed has been imposed as a condition for achieving innovation and growth. We have always said that the big fish eat the small one, but the reality is that they are only capable of eating the slowest ones. 

“Running is no longer enough, we have to go faster”

So, how can we be faster? “the only constant is change”. The world keeps turning and doesn’t wait for anyone, new technologies, procedures, methodologies, tools, etc. appear and we must learn or adapt if we want to stay on the wave. 

Learning is crucial, both for professional and personal development. Expanding our technical and/or social skills and abilities will position and give us greater access to the labor market, as well as facilitate promotion and inter-company development. Having more training and knowledge also allows us to better handle decision making or resolve conflicts more effectively. Furthermore, it gives us the strength and motivation to face new challenges, boosting our confidence, self-esteem and personal satisfaction.

Hence the importance of continuous learning as a way to stay updated and prepared for any change. 

First challenge achieved! Following Alice’s analogy, we have already managed to stay ahead, the question now is how to go faster and be twice as fast? “learning by doing”. The theory is fantastic, it provides us with the fundamental bases, however, to consolidate it we must put it into practice. Try, experiment, go backwards, make mistakes, fail, ratify, get it right, refine, improve and start all over again. 

We defend the human factor as the center of any innovation process. Our passion for research, teamwork, strategy and dedication are part of our DNA. Therefore, we want to renew our commitment to the dissemination of shared knowledge and the promotion of our activity to all professionals in the sector. We are talking about thinking and making people think. We do not want to wait for change, but to challenge and drive it, because remember: “the only constant is change”.

“We defend the human factor as the center of any innovation process”

We are raising the stakes by opening the doors of our space and experience as an industry reference through the Redbility Innovation Center or our intensive training courses. In addition, we collaborate with organizations, universities and schools such as Upgrade Hub, which defend the same purpose: go faster.

If we change our perspective, we will transform our reality, only then we will become the fastest fish in this crazy and diverse ocean. 

Will you join the wave?

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