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  • What are Damn!? They are the sum of several meeting points in Madrid and Barcelona between professionals of the same field related to the development of digital products and services.

  • Events in which we invite the main companies in the sector, relevant brands and software specialized in product development to talk about REAL experiences and generate valuable connections.

    In Damn! we analyze how the industry is doing, how we face challenges, how we overcome them and how we fail them.

Companies and enterprises that have participated

See you in the next Damn!

More than 1000 attendees, 2 days, 20 talks and a lot of networking… In short, connect a whole community in the same space in Madrid and Barcelona.

  • 2


    14 intensive hours

  • +20


    masterclass and debates

  • +60


    clients, consultants and software

Three themes

We use the skull as a symbol of nonconformism, rebellion and change against the new contexts and scenarios we face, which we differentiate and adapt into three identities according to the theme/discipline:

  • Creative, identity and visual

    Creativity, UI, graphics and interaction design.

  • User, research and process

    Research, UX, methodologies, techniques and product.

  • Development, OPS y construction

    Patterns, modules, components and all the elements that form the companies’ strategies.

Damn! experiences for all the community.

Damn! + I’m + I’ll + If I am

Whether you are a senior professional (I’m), a student who has just finished their studies (I’ll) or you are considering entering the industry (If I am) you will always have a place in the Damn!

Our aim is to create several places of discovery and meeting between people with the aspiration to build relationships and share experiences regardless of their background.

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