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UX Research & Strategy four-days intensive course on Redbility Innovation Center

4 December, 2018

In Redbility we believe in specialized quality training given by leading specialists within their sector, so, after the success obtained in the first edition of the “Intensive UX Research & Strategy Course Scholarships” that we organized together with EDIT, we decided to launch a second edition this past October directed by María Renilla, PMO & Research Manager in Redbility.

As It could not be otherwise, in just days we obtained a large volume of interested people that rapidly completed our premises capacity for this second edition of the course.

Here is a brief resume of this past event.

María Renilla, PMO & Research Manager at Redbility

There were 26 selected profiles that had more than sixteen hours of exhaustive training and teamwork in a unique framework, the Redbility Innovation Center, where they could use their specialized facilities in research and neuromarketing.

The objective of the course was to transmit to the students the dimension, techniques and new methods of research not only from the theoretical and expert point of view but also from the practical one. To this end, work teams were formed and received a briefing to work together on a project simulating a real scenario, where each team member contributed with their specialized knowledge on different disciplines.

Applying theoretical knowledge to a project with real simulation of briefing, timing and customer pressure, makes the attendees get the best out of themselves and sharpen their ingenuity to achieve distinguising results.

During the four-days training the classes were divided into two differentiated blocks; one more theoretical initial part, where Maria explained very closely with an adapted speech to her audience the different ways of applying research in the projects, the way of uniting the results of the different techniques and link them with the business strategy in order to achieve the best results through examples, success or failure cases together with small practices in which attendees became users and another practical part where each team had to make use of their knowledge and work together on a project, applying the previously acquired knowledge.

Each team had the challenge to present the conclusions of an analysis made from the point of view of business and users plus the strategy they had reached on how to improve an ecommerce site of pet accessories based on the information they had collected with the different techniques applied on the project.

“In order to make a difference, Innovation must be present on a daily basis, which is why it is so important that professionals within our sector are nurtured with specialized training given by recognized and working professionals in the field.”

Mariola Trigo

Benchmarking, people definition, customer journey, business journey, in-depth interviews, online questionnaires, remote user test without dynamization, heuristic analysis, metric analysis and usability test in the laboratory are just some of the techniques that the teams were applying during the days of work.

Redbility made its usability laboratory available to students, where all teams could use the Tobii desktop and mobile eyetracker to test their products with real users. An unparalleled experience for all of them since in addition to being able to use it during the course each student was sent the materials generated in the laboratory by all the teams so that they could continue to deepen their knowledge with real material.

The course ended with an exhibition of the work carried out by each team and a popular vote to determine which team had found the best solution to the proposed challenge. The students not only acquired expert knowledge but also listening to all the teams it was demonstrated that with the same briefing, very different and equally valid solutions can be proposed for the same problem.

Attending to this course audience success and to the favourable final result, we are considering a third edition.

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