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Carmen Fernández: “They captured me for the quality of the product and thinking about business, they made me fall in love with the human quality and they retained me for the accelerated learning.”

20 June, 2022

Carmen Fernández has been part of Redbility for more than 3 years. His spirit and desire to contribute and grow have meant that in such a short time he has gone on to direct projects and teams, also focusing on the development of the company’s business.

What caught your attention about Redbility and why did you want to be part of it?

During a summer I was doing a UX Research & Strategy course taught by María Renilla at Redbility.

That course opened my eyes, it reminded me that design is not only at the service of the user, it is also at the service of the business and that we’re not here just to “make things pretty”.

At Redbility they researched, analyzed and then proposed solutions with an enviable quality. In addition, at that time I was very freak of entrepreneurship and design events and Redbility had just opened a space to contribute to the community.

On the other hand, I had always worked in startups, so I believed that a more familiar environment would make me feel more comfortable than a company with more than 1.000 employees.

How was your entry?

While studying Design and Branding, I worked in associations and companies related to entrepreneurship, which gave me business knowledge. On the other hand, when I finished my degree I worked for a year in a digital marketing agency as a graphic and web designer.

I realized that I was missing the most strategic and business part in which I had previously worked and that summer I entered the Redbility course. I loved it, because despite being quite short, it opened many paths for me to continue advancing. After a year working in the agency I was in, I decided to stop to go back to study and focus on UX/UI.

The training furnished me with everything I had learned in a self-taught way during the previous year and I was very lucky that, during Hiring Week, part of the Redbility team came to meet us. I suppose that the attitude and experience in entrepreneurship, design and the agency world meant that, despite the fact that they knew that I had a lot to learn, they bet on me.

Looking back from my starting point, I’m very proud to see how we’ve grown in all this time. Having been able to contribute in this regard, working day by day, and achieving the results we’ve obtained is a personal and professional milestone.

“Since the pandemic began, we have worked on retention and we have grown by 40%. In this sense, it is important to take care of the environment so that the culture is not lost.”

What journey have you had in the last 3 years?

When I started at Redbility, Marina Lorenzo and Pablo Pérez helped and trained me on a day-to-day basis. Little by little they shaped me to what I’m today. From Marina I learned a lot about construction and functional product documentation and Pablo is the most thorough person you can find, so he’s the perfect profile for projects with large architecture.

On the other hand, I was lucky enough to work closely with Mario Sánchez, who little by little trained me in terms of management, customer experience and product management.

As for projects, I was lucky that they decided to include me in some super disparate ones at the level of devices, operating systems, types of users… and in one year it was as if I had attended three master’s degrees! At the beginning, I worked in B2C for large clients and now I’m working for B2B clients in tools for the internal management of the company.

At the level of growth, it has been both horizontal and vertical. As I mentioned, I worked in very different products and I’ve gained responsibility to support the company in customer management, leadership, team management, coordination and planning… I love it and the best thing is that I still have a lot to improve.

What are you currently doing?

Support in the coordination of several B2B product teams in an important company in the textile sector. I supervise the products transversally at the quality level and manage the workload of the team. In addition, I’m in charge of constantly monitoring people so that they feel that they can lean on others whenever necessary.

We’re working at Design Ops to support the entire product design team in a cross-cutting way, standardizing the way we work so that we work like clockwork.

What’s different about Redbility?

They captured me for the quality of the product and thinking about business, made me fall in love with the human quality and retained me for the accelerated learning. These are things that greatly differentiate Redbility and that I personally value a lot.

In other places they tell you to land ideas quickly and instead here we work on low heat, not designing solutions until the task is analyzed and investigated.

What are your goals?

At the Redbility level, as I mentioned, the culture and the team are very important to us. We’ve a very big challenge: that the team feel the same pride and share the culture even if we continue to grow.

On a personal level, I’ve learned a lot about product, project management, customer and team leadership, but you never stop learning at this point.

In the future, everything that has to do with product management, operations and employee experience interests me a lot and I want to continue growing in this regard.

“Here we work on low heat, of not designing solutions until the task is not analyzed and investigated.”

Carmen Fernández

Is there a project that you feel especially proud of?

Each and every one of the projects I tackle makes me feel proud. I currently work surrounded by great professionals who allow me to assume challenges on a daily basis, in which I can contribute the most of myself.

If I look back, as it was one of my first jobs, I’ve a special memory of Finetwork. It made me grow a lot. It was the first project I managed -together with Mario Sánchez- and I’m proud of the result.

As clients of the Jungle21 group, they wanted to improve their entire digital ecosystem. They asked us for help with digital positioning, the private B2C area or the native B2C app, among other things. Once the relationship and the bases were established, we felt that they trusted 100% in our judgment.

What would you recommend to someone who is in the same situation as you were before starting your career?

I would tell anyone, regardless of the branch, to complement it with business. Always.

To people who want to study digital product, I would tell them to look for more strategy training and less execution training. We live in a world with a lot of resources at our fingertips where we can learn tools. The tool should not define your work.

To those who want to start working on digital products, I would tell them to start in an agency, since they will be able to change projects every few months and they will be able to gain a more transversal experience in a short time; or in a startup, because they are going to live the business and you are going to have a more comprehensive profile, because in this type of company they need people who solve it.

And someone who can be found at the same point where you are?

For me it’s more important to enter a good moment in the company than to enter a great company. Make sure there are opportunities for growth, because opportunities will be offered to you and there is no option to remain stagnant.

Define your career in a few words.

Accelerated learning.

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