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B Corp

  • Our mission as a B Corp company is to create sustainable and accessible digital solutions for all people, focusing on innovation, quality and business ethics.

  • We are part of a global community of companies that use their services and the power of business to make a positive impact on the world.

    This certification recognises our commitment to social responsibility, sustainability and transparency in our business operations.

Our face B (Corp)

Why we have achieved this certification? We have always been committed to sustainability and corporate social responsibility, we seek the best experience for both the customer and our employees – to solve problems, to make people’s lives easier.

We offer a comprehensive solution with a strategic and innovative approach and high design quality. In order to ensure the success of each project we bring all our experience, creativity and enthusiasm, within an environment of trust and professionalism. Our mission is to always create a memorable customer experience.

The numbers speak for themselves

  • +8


    Average customer relationship

  • 100%


    We care for confidentiality and ensure the safety of clients and employees.

  • 70%

    Management positions

    Are women

Success stories back up our work and efforts

Customer experience. Commitment and responsability

So what does it mean to be a B Corp company? It is not just a recognition, but an active commitment to constantly improve our social and environmental impact, outside and inside.

As a B Corp company, we continue to offer the same quality of service to our clients, focusing on solutions that create value and inspire the community.

We go one step further, enjoying our work at all times. We are a team, the parts alone do not work.

A team that keeps growing

  • 31%

    Increased performance

    Annual average

  • 32%

    Increased staffing

    Annual average

Becoming a B Corp is a way of demonstrating our commitment to the well-being of all our stakeholders, not just our economic benefits.

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Committed to change

What are the next steps? “The only constant is change”, innovation is part of our DNA, we are constantly looking for new solutions for our customers (and for the company), motivated by change.

Because… if you can’t change the rules, change the game.

Are you joining the change?

  • Strategic Consultancy & Research

    Design is a dynamic field in constant development, research allows us to adapt, anticipate and provide competitive advantages to our clients.

  • Product Design

    We design digital products from an innovative perspective and based on user experience.

  • Innovation & Digital transformation

    We believe in disruptive innovation as a driver of change and development in the digital world.

Bonus track

B Corp companies are companies that have been certified by B Lab, an independent non-profit organisation that measures the social and environmental performance of companies.

This organisation measures impact across five thematic areas; governance, workers, customers, community and environment. Certification is not easy to achieve as it requires a score of more than 80 out of 200 points. As well as complying with legal and transparency requirements.

Want to know more? All data are public, transparent and you can find out more by accessing their website.