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3rd edition. UX Research & Strategy Training






They say never two without three and we have taken it very seriously. At the end of May it will take place the 3rd edition of the UX Research & Strategy Intensive Training hosted by María Renilla, PMO Manager & UX Research de Redbility.

As we did in the two previous editions, we will give 20 scholarships for this training:
• 5 scholarships of 100%
• 15 scholarships for 50%

If you want to apply for a scholarship or sign up for the training directly, click here or on the “I’m interested” button.

If you have already sent your application in any of the two previous calls, you need to do it again. But it you have already benefited from a scholarship before, we are sorry to inform you that we will not value your profile in this occasion.

Four days of training with a more theoretical initial part in which  different ways of applying research in projects are explained, as how to combine the result of the different techniques and link them with the business strategy in order to achieve the best results through examples, cases of success or failure.

In second, more practical part, each team has to make use of their knowledge and work together on a project, thus applying the previously acquired knowledge.

The aims of the course is to transmit the students the dimension, techniques and new methods of research not only from the theoretical and expert point of view, but also from the practical point of view.

For this, after receiving a briefing, teams will be formed to work together on a project simulating a real scenario.

We will soon open the convocatory to apply for the scholarship. If you want to keep up to date with news our convocatory openings we recommend you to subscribe to our newsletter and join our group in Meetup.

  • 1st module


    Basic principles of Research

    The laws of simplicity

    What is a researcher?

    When is it advisable to approach an investigation?

    Why is it important to investigate?

    The innovation present in our day to day

    Case 1

    • Teamwork
    • Team conclusions presentation
    • Posible solutions


    2nd module

    Research and strategy

    Types of research

    How do we know what kind of research our clients need?

    Research techniques: Archetypes, Empathy maps, Customer journey, Benchmarking, Focus Group, In-depth interviews, Surveys and questionnaires, etc…

    Which technique should we use each time?

    The briefing: Teamwork

  • 3rd module

    User test, the DCU queen test

    What are they?

    In-person and remote guerrilla test

    • Tools and examples

    Lab test

    • What is a laboratory like?
    • Goals

    Usability test + neuromarketing

    • Examples


    4th module


    What is it?




    5th module

    Data and typical errors

    What data is relevant and how to present it?

    Typical errors of the investigation

    Design Sprint

    Pure method


We leave you a video that summarize the second edition.

Curso intensivo UX Research & Strategy. 2ª Edición_Redbility Innovation Center from Redbility on Vimeo.

foto pequeña

This is how the second edition went

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