Communication strategy and e-commerce platform.

A full bodied website

Selling wine bottles from th Spanish main wine exporter may seem an easy task. But doing it through the internet entails a double effort: how to convey the bouquet, the texture and the nuance of each wine type when we cant´ even smell or taste it?

We set ourselves the goal of transferring the offline sales success of J. García Carrión wines to their online store. Therefore we focused the design on the wine bottles´ images, turning them into the main characters and highlighting the label information to help the user identify the designation of origin, the grape variety and the vintage.

It wasn´t an easy task to convey the sensations that trigger the purchase impulse, but a good dose of transactional marketing helped us to achieve it: accessibility, usability, user experience, a careful interactive design and of course, 100% security in the online purchase process gave us the clues.

We worked thoroughly in the interaction strategy and the information architecture, always focusing in simplifying the processes:

Product access: “I want it, I buy it”

Simple search : “Where is it? Here”

Easy purchase process: “I´ve got it”

Serve yourself.