Travel and e-commerce transactional website

Think you´ve seen it all?

Even the most experienced travelers will change their minds when they discover our last work for Nautalia.  A website which could have been one more of the bunch, but which causes great impact from the very first moment. We managed to create a different website to meet the needs of a different travel agency. That’s because we delivered an Information Architecture which both optimizes the processes and favors a pleasant user experience.

By developing a simple and intuitive navigation system, which makes the flight, hotel or car search process much easier, we also embodied Nautalia´s main branding principles. This resulted in a more than effective e-commerce platform in terms of conversion.

And we did it as we always do: taking a deep dive into the project, setting co-creation sessions with the client, potential users and professionals of the travel industry. That’s how we managed to put ourselves in the shoes of the user and get to know what triggers their booking decisions. Everything we learned determined the interaction design as well as the HTLM layout.

Ready to take off?


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