Communications strategy and e-commerce platform

Google positioning flavor

By wining the contest we became the chosen partners to develop J. García Carrión´s website. The new challenge was to upgrade the product´s image and improve the brand´s market positioning.We also were to convey the flavor and scent of their beverages (juices, sangría, gazpacho) through the website.

We created a sales-oriented promotional site with a bright design where the main goal is to convey the freshness, flavor and pleasant sensations triggered the product. We included bright and colorful images, using and “sweet and sour” color palette, “rich in vitamine” fonts and a very nourishing interaction.

We placed great emphasis in the site´s usability, the interaction design and the information architecture to a deliver a 100% SEO friendly web. We also included usefull content related to the products´ health benefits.

We had to squeeze our heads, but it was a great pleasure.

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