Money isn´t everything

What´s most important is the “human factor” of those who manage it. When you decide to invest you demand a human and personal relation which makes you feel comfortable. That´s exactly what makes Tressis stand out, and what we decided to boost when redefining their graphic and communications strategy.

How to convey this human closeness to our users?  We organized a photo session with the company´s partners and employees turning them into the main characters of the website. We used their images against a white and clear background combined with their corporate graphic line. Finally, we added a light filter effect to represent their workplace  giving prominence to the human aspects. The resulting effect couldn´t express better the company´s market positioning. A perfect balance between design and functionality combined with a highly professional and consistent image.

A project in which we worked hand in hand with the client, full of  enjoyable anecdotes, which confirmed, once again, that money isn´t everything.

Check it out for yourself.

See the making of the photo shoot on Flickr