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Extra-fine work

Finally, Nestlé´s popular Caja Roja (red box) meets all tastes. From now on, you can decide how you want to enjoy your favorite chocolate by choosing each flavor and even the box decoration when preparing a present for your loving ones. It´s all in your hands.

From the very first moment, when starting the conceptualization process, we all became addicted to this project. The recipe was the following: a spoonful of Information Architecture, a great dose of interaction design and process in order to guarantee the best user experience. The outcome was an exquisite and usable website which was awarded the Best Interactive silver Prize in the Best Pack 2012 awards.

The magic touch? We set aside the typical flash development used in many sites, betting instead for HTML. This allows the user to check step by step the status of their customized product.

Mind tasting? Finger lickin’ good.

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