New communication strategy for online auction

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This time we set very high standards. The goal was to redesign Ebay´s homepage in order to redirect part of the traffic coming from the auction business to a new commercial campaign.

We delivered several graphic approaches with different communicative intentions. We then tested them with  iMotions, a groundbreaking research method in Spain, able to measure the emotional impacts generated by different graphic inputs.

Since the research was focused on the site´s homepage, we tested different designs with a certain number of users. This allowed us to determine the way they perceived each homepage element. We therefore discovered how and in which sequence is the content consumed by the user.

We determined the impact of each graphic approach and checked if the content structure successfully expressed the messages. We proved, once more, the strong emotional influence on any purchase decision.

Once published, the results were surprising: although it is the website with the least image content, it is the one that best explains the company ´s promotions.

One of our best business proposals. Hard to beat.

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