Corporate website redesign

Changing the way we communicate

The communications sector has changed and so have the clients. Considering this evolution, Telefónica was to perform an overall brand indetity´s redefinition.  Form our side, we were to work hand in hand with the company´s branding department.

Our research revealed that the market´s new demands were based on a greater convergence, a multimedia content unification and a better accessibility to new technologies and social media.

Basing ourselves on this information we started by adapting the offline image to the online environment. We took into account the AA and Euracert accessibility standards, the most rigorous European certificate on this matter.

In order to adapt the website to the top end technology, we implemented a multiple-windows configuration which allows the site to run on different devices (iPhone, iPad, tablets, smartphones…).

The outcome was an overall success: the new corporate website reached 532.000 visits during the first month, 380.000 unique visits, and 1.440.000 page visits. For a second time, it was awarded the best spanish corporate website prize by the Financial Times Bowen Craggs Index of Corporate Website Effectiveness.