One of the greatest values in journalism is that it doesn´ t take more than one person to tell a great story. There´s no need to have a team of 40 people backing you up.

Jaime Serra
Illustration and Infographic Director at La Vanguardia newspaper

Apart from being an old friend of us, Jaime Serra is the Illustration and Infographic Director at La Vanguardia newspaper. His infographic “La Ballena Franca” (the humpback whale) published in Viva magazine (from Clarín newspaper, Argentina) was awarded the “most influent infographic in the last 2 decades” at the International Infographic Summit, according to a survey held by the SND.

We invite you to share with us a conversation we held with this great infographer during his exhibition at Caixa Forum Madrid.

I´m not sure about the need of journalistic infographic in the internet, a dynamic media where you can find video, audio or interact.

We encourage you to visit his blog, and get to know his amazing work.