I think the reason for our success is that we ´ve worked hand in hand as one single team with Redbility. That was the key for the results we achieved.

Xavi Solá
CEO at

We bring you another video interview. Our team and the staff of Casa del Libro meet to loosen their tongues and share with you the creation of this project which we are so proud of.

The challenge of merging into one site an e-commerce platform with a built-in huge book catalogue together with a great community of readers has been more than exciting. Together, we have explored new paths in the search of technology solutions. We have endorsed their concerns related to this new business line and, what´s more, we have put ourselves in the shoes of the readers to come up with the community they would enjoy the most. And we have given them the chance of carrying the books, the shops, and the readers wherever they go.

“We have reduced the community to it´s minimum: the e-book”
Mario Sánchez – Creativity & User Experience Director de Redbility

Working with clients who are so keen on their business such as Xavi Solá and his team has been an extraordinary experience which has helped us grow both in a professional and personal way. An ongoing partnership which we hope will live in time.

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