I´ve fallen in love with many of the things I´ve done, and I still love them.

Mario Eskenazi

In love with his work. That´s how Mario Eskenzi left most us during his presentation during the last edition of MadinSpain.  With no doubt, he was one of the main dishes of the event. With every project he presented, the public broke out in applause.

And after this interview he gave us, we can do nothing but keep on loving him.

We were pleased to discover that the worldwide renowned designer, Mario Eskenazi was a very close, joyful, pleasant and down to earth person. With the same interests and concerns as the rest of us.

I love the internet, I´m hooked on social media. It is amazing, a new dimension with new language codes. The only drawback is the lack of time.

That´s how he is and how he enjoys working. And he was pleased to share his creativity with us when we asked him -following our tradition every time we meet a designer- to sketch a new version of our logo.

If you haven´t done it yet, we recommend you to have a look at his works You can also follow him in twitter @meskenazi or Facebook