Having a close relation with your team is vital. We have to transmit that it is essential to work in with a joyful, and enthusiastic spirit.

Karim Kaidi
CEO at eInforma

The more we got to know him, the more we came to admire the way he managed his team and his business. We also like to know the persons with whom we work, that´s why we invited him to have a coffee at Redbility and hold and interview.

Being able to improve what was already good was a great challenge for us. We made an effort to understand the eInforma business as well as the client. Neither did we spare efforts when developing an Information Architecture and an interaction design to meet the expectations of such experts in the online field.

“I have learned a lot in this project. Never had we done such a job and this is what we were looking for. Doing a bit of investigation and a bit of engineering”.

Karim Kaidi y Antonio HinojosaKarim Kaidi en nuestras oficinas

When we finish a project and realize that the client is as pleased with the final outcome as we are, we confirm that there´s nothing such as “too much effort” when the result is worth it.

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