my dad was a mouse. my mom was a spider.

Ok, we didn´t invent the Internet and we weren´t born with a mouse in our hands. But we have been fed by the web from the very beginning. Before turning in what we´ve become today, we formed part of that historical moment in which the Internet stopped being a curiosity to turn into an essential part of our lives. It was the time when the first portals such as Infovía, Telépolis, Telefónica, Sony or Barcelona´s first website saw the light.

But the real milestone was the founding of the emblematic Terra (Telefónica group) web portal. It was implemented in 16 countries in Latinamerica and integrated with Lycos coming from the USA, Asia and Europe. It was developed as a single project but included a great diversity of languages, cultures and particular commercial strategies. And, of course,  they pursued different business goals.

Research has always been an essential part of these projects. We thoroughly analyzed and verified the usability levels and the product´s quality. We did a close follow up of the graphical and functional standards by coordinating the graphical production of a more than 50 person decentralized team located in 15 different countries.

In 2004, joining the experience of those of us who contributed to such relevant projects, we founded Redbility. We set ourselves the goal of creating emotional and memorable experiences which would, in turn, become commercially successful.

Today, this idea has become a reality